About us

When it comes to choosing which online supplement supplier to use, we 
recognise that you have a very wide choice.  You might be looking for a 
particular brand or you might be looking for a company that you can 
trust to deliver your selected products in a secure and efficient way 
whilst giving you the very best prices.

You may well have heard of Wawan Nutrition because we’ve been in the 
industry since 2011, serving the needs of consumers throughout Kuwait, 
UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain. 

We’ve held some of the biggest sports
 shows in the region and brought some of the most famous names in bodybuilding and mixed martial arts to Kuwait for you to meet.  Why have we done this?  Simply because, like you, we live and breath fitness and 
nutrition.  Our owner, Adel Wawan was previously a championship winning 
boxer in Kuwait and knows how important it is to make the right choices 
when it comes to nutrition.  He has personally traveled the world to 
satisfy himself that the brands that we represent are of the highest 
standards and has partnered with what he considers to be one of the 
world’s most professional and highest quality manufacturers in order to 
produce the Wawan range of products.

It is for this reason that we are here to ensure that you are completely 
happy with your choice of supplement solution and that you get the very 
best prices and service available.

A range of brands and products that have been selected for you by 
supplement users who have years of experience both using products and 
visiting the suppliers that make them to ensure that you can have 
complete confidence in the choices that you make at wawanpro.com


Wawan Protein Kuwait:
13th Floor, Dalal Complex, Salmiyah
Wawan Protein Saudi Arabia:
Jeddah, Riyadh and Al-Dammam

Wawan Protein UAE:
Ras Al-Khaima, Dubai and Soon in Abu Dhabi
Wawan Protein Bahrain:
Busaiteen, Hamala 
Wawan Protein Oman:
Sahar, Alseeb and Salalah

WawanPro.com Team